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Monday, June 2, 2014

Let's Help a Family in Maine, They Need our Help Now

Quite often many of us read a book, that has us shaking our head, wondering how a character or family or could endure so much trauma. There are movies out there that leave us crying, but these are mere works of fiction, and come no where close to the heartbreak of a real family that is suffering beyond comprehension right now. As we all know Angelman Syndrome has led to pain in other directions, because while you have a child that laughs, smiles, and is lovely, there's so many negative afflictions tied in with it. That would include the seizures, that took the life of sweet Kelce about two years ago. A family had to make the gut wrenching decision at the hospital, and even despite that, they have carried on.

Yet I can tell you from personal experience, that while wounds do heal, they truly never do close. I was stunned by hearing that Kelce's father took his life a few weeks ago. Yet at the same time the death of a child can be too much to bear for many, along with other stresses in life, and I'm not going to sit back and judge. Instead I'm going to ask you to be there for the Mac's, and be one of them for awhile, by supporting them as they try to pick up their pieces. These are real people. There is a mom who's about to deliver a baby left alone now, and the financial pressures such as keeping the lights are on, let's take care of her and make sure this little boy comes through with flying colors.

Even more of a concern is a young 7 year old girl, who in this small town, is being shunned because still people don't show support in the event of a suicide. This innocent precious 2nd grader is getting help, but needs much more of it, including professional services. She is blessed to have loving grandparents, aunts, and other family members, but this seven year old must be in not only our thoughts, but it is imperative that we step it up financially to keep the lights on for her, food in her pantry, along with help getting those specialists. That's right, I'm asking you to donate to this cause. As many of you know I rarely am this direct, but I am this time, because right now this family is not only going through more heartache than anyone I've ever heard of or known, they have literally been torn apart by Angelman Syndrome, seizures, and the death of the father. Each of us faces our demons daily, but this man's little girl, along with his wife, and soon to be born son should not have to suffer regardless. Yet they are, and that is why a few times in life, we have to be helpful in a financial manner.

Please spread this message, because God knows of their pain, but it is up to each and one of His creatures to help the Mac's. The small town is doing basically next to nothing to help them, so let's be their proverbial village, and show them that we care. Church and charities always deserve our support, because they do amazing things, yet let us turn the corner this time and do that for this family that's going through worse than what a Patrick Conroy novel can conjure up.Let's lift them up, and provide them at least a rope, because they are resilient. They are our family as they are related to us by a minimum of 3%, so if you can share this link, and if you can donate any amount, it would be beyond going to a wonderful cause. Remember the Maine, and never ever give up!

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