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Saturday, May 11, 2013

There are No Guarantees: A Scare Jostles Our Family

This past week has not been easy, although the storm clouds are starting to dissipate. After a fun trip to Mexico, that provided a lot of much needed battery charging, we returned to place that we never wanted to go again. That would be the Access Emergency Room, where Tommy had his first seizures, and was eventually sent to Fairfax Hospital via an ambulance. They couldn't stop them, and these memories came crashing back, as our three year old had to go there. He was in booth #6, right next to the #5 one, where Tommy's seizures were out of control. All night our boy was coughing, and he starting to throw up and cry. It was a cry that he's never made before, and after realizing he was having respiratory problems, we got him in there quickly.

Both my wife and I, first wanted to make sure he was okay, but we did not fail to notice that we were right where Tommy was. He passed through our thoughts a million times in that hour, before we were just like Tommy, sent via ambulance to Fairfax Hospital. After a day there, our son was released, but I have to admit that this has shaken us up a bit. While our boy is doing better now due to a host of inhaler treatments along with a plethora of antibiotics, his breathing was terrible. Even his lips turned blue while we were at the hospital, and while we were assured this was temporary, it wasn't very reassuring.

We are both relieved beyond belief, that even though he will be taking respiratory treatments for the next couple of weeks, he should be back to normal in no time. Yet at the same time, we were reminded of Tommy in many ways, and it was painful. Both of us had tears in our eyes, and its such an ironic situation. While we hope for no more "adventures," we are not sure what the future holds, but our boy is getting even more hugs than usual. Parents are used to emergency room visits to a degree, and even hospitalizations, but it is my sincerest hope and prayer that he never gets this sick again. Can I do anything about it, other than simple precautions? Nope, and that is what scares the living daylights out of me, even though so much is out of our control. Until then, its continued monitoring, and hoping this infection gets kicked to the curb.

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