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Thursday, May 16, 2013

An Ode to Matthew

Facebook and the social media world, have been a double edged sword in many regards, but I happened to find a picture on a friend's wall that says it all. I am thankful that she posted this picture, and if the family objects to it, I will honor their request to take this down. Since I don't know them, nor can I find them, it is with an honest heart to describe their son's gravestone. The picture says it all, but I was especially touched by it, having lost a son who often was in a wheel chair. My boy learned to walk the last week of his life at age five, and our entire family will never forget his accomplishment. That's right, he walked out of this Earth strong, and I have no doubt that he was ushered into Heaven immediately. I know that he's not in pain, that he is able to do so much of what he was determined to do on Earth with ease, and is in the loving embrace of God.

Matthew's obituary here, is something that all people should read. It is inspiring. Also it is a reminder, that each and every human being on this earth, has a purpose and must give their best, whatever their ability may be. I pray that his parents have been able to carry on, because while I'm sure they miss him with every ounce of their hearts, they also are aware that there's a place where there boy is truly free. Funeral memorials are often viewed as reminders, but often they fail to convey a powerful message, other than marking a date with a name. Matthew's is far from that, and in fact says "Trusting in God, is what will set you free." Reading his life story was amazing, and his parents faith, and his perseverance are to be commended.

If I'm out where this is, I plan on stopping by, and paying my respects. This is a worthy testament, of showing not only what Matthew did on Earth, but where he is now. He is doing everything to his heart's content, and I have been looking at this a lot today. I  hope others shall too, and by all means, read his life story. It ended at a young age, but the impact he left on Earth, still moves people across the U.S. and around the world. Thank you to a friend who posted this, and also this is proof that our globe is becoming smaller, with our hearts growing larger for what really does matter.

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  1. WOW. This is simply eloquent!!! What a moving tribute - and it leaves an unforgettable, indelible mark on the heart.