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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fight Epilepsy with a Glass of Wine, Heck Make it a Bottle

Hillsbourough Vineyards is the place to be on May 27th 2012. This winery is on pristine grounds in Loudoun County, close to historical spots such as Antietam Battlefield and Harpers Ferry, where the now famous John Brown Raid took place that led to bloodshed just about a decade later. There will be none of that on May 27th 2012, as rather the fields at this winery that certainly had civil war soldiers walking through it years ago, will now have warriors of a different type. That would be those who have epilepsy or love someone with this condition. According to the Epilepsy Foundation of America, the costs direct and indirect of this condition to the United States, is $17.6 billion dollars. That's right, with a "B.". Three million of our fellow citizens, contend with epilepsy, many of them going through hundreds, if not thousands of them a day. Some of our loved ones went to God far, far too early because of seizures.

November 4, 2009 is a day that will live in infamy for our family. Tommy Ethan Ross, age five, was found unresponsive in his bed due to a seizure. There were loud cries, that night will not leave one member of our family, his teachers, friends until we all go to our Creator. For all of the noise and pain associated with that night, its amazing how quiet it was when the coffin was closed upon him, before being put in a limo to his burial grounds. Yet this event isn't only about Tommy, although his spirit certainly has inspired us. Its more about those in the Epilepsy Community, a family really, who picked up our family, and put us on their shoulders. Carry on, fight on, but instead of anger, turn to love instead. The Hillsborough Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery, and they certainly have compassion, by sponsoring Epilepsy Awareness Day from 11 a.m.-5 pm. I'd like to thank all who were involved with setting this up, and the kindness of the Baki family, who will be on hand to meet so many with epilepsy that fight to be productive citizens every single day.

One in ten of us is going to have a seizure one day. Let's help the Epilepsy Foundation of America, by showing up to Hillsbourough Vineyards in Purcellville, VA on this date. I hope you'll get a chance to meet, those with epilepsy who continue to keep our family going. Every single day I think about them, and am so thankful for their courage, their resolve, and their never give up attitude. I truly love them, and consider them, regardless of their background or name, to be members of our family. This event is free to attend, proceeds from wine sales go to the Epilepsy Foundation of America, due to the generosity of the kind family that owns this beautiful location. Pictures do not do it justice, as strolling the grounds, and exploring their white and red wines is a great way to spend a day. There's a reason they've won numerous awards, and that is their dedication. Let's show them our love, that of those who rock the purple, and not only raise a toast to all who've fought epilepsy, but help make this condition a part of history.

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