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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Family Fun at Hillsborough Vineyards: May 27th 2012

Rock the Purple! That's right, the official color of Epilepsy Awareness. Millions of people across the United States, and around the world are affected by this condition. There have been advances, such as through institutions like Vanderbilt University, or government agencies such as the National Institutes of Health. Yet there is more work to be done. Raise a glass, or a bottle of what can only be described as delicious wine, that is readily available for purchase at Hillsborough Vineyards in Virginia. Google it or go to, and by all means, stop by here on May 27th 2012 from 11am-5pm ish. Nothing but love for the Baki Family that owns this wonderful winery, that's on beautiful grounds, and offers views and lots of room to just relax for people of all ages. Its convenient to historical areas such as Harper's Ferry and Antietam, and you can just sit back and chill here, drinking some of their white or red wines, while just "taking in the views."

One in ten of us are going to have a seizure one day. The rate of seizures of those on the autism spectrum is alarming, and like many other parents across the globe, I have lost a son due to them. Tommy is missed every single day, as are children, who's parents on every continent often are. Its time to prevent at least one parent from going through this pain, a child from leaving too soon, or perhaps a child from losing his Mom or Dad from seizures. The Epilepsy Foundation of America's "Not Another Moment Lost to Seizures" is correct, and it is our moral imperative, with each generation, to leave this world a little bit better for the next. Steve Jobs was correct, that "biology and technology" are going to come together as never previously witnessed, to help advance the field of medicine, and deliver these cures that have eluded us for so long.

I never thought that a group of people, could pick up my spirits so much, after the passing of Tommy. That dreadful night of 11/04/2009 will never go away. There have been just so many tears. All of the flashing red lights from fire apparatus, our little boy on a bed with CPR stopped, and what can only be described as shock beyond comprehension. It has been painful, there is no doubt about that. Yet there also has been hope. I have seen and met so many people who have inspired me. "Carry on," their actions and what they say, that's what it is about. Fight with love. Indeed, some days are better than others, yet the steely resolve of these epilepsy warriors have made me not only stronger, but have brought a man's who's faith was broken, and healed it more than mere words can ever express. With thanks to them, profound gratefulness to people I have met, and yet to meet. You are family to our family, and the Baki's are gracious, kind, and loving. I tip my hat to them, as they have enthusiastically wanted to help the EFA and generate awareness to this condition, that affects so many families.

So come on out to this beautiful winery. The directions are all at Its again on May 27th, next Sunday 2012, and let's hope that the weather cooperates. If you are a fan of white wines or reds, they have award winning ones to choose from. I plan on kicking back with the Red Onyx, but whichever one you like, the grounds are beautiful, and its for a good cause. Virginia wines are really gaining attention, not only in the U.S., but around the world. Watch our California and Oregon, we are coming for you :). There is a reason that the wines from Hillsbourough have won so many awards, as they produce quality over quantity, and also with love. Let's show them our love, our purple, and by all means be wearing that color, and helping to generate enthusiasm, and just maybe save one life or have children and adults with this condition or whom love someone with it, just another chance to smile. Carry on, carry on, carry on.

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