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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hillsborough Wine: Fine Taste and Epilepsy Awareness Day May 27th 2012

Purcelville, VA is one of the prettiest spots of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its a relaxing atmosphere, with the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I have to say that I've enjoyed spending time at Hillsborough Vineyards. I have drank wines before, obviously having very little hair and the ones left being gray, to prove that I am over 21 years of age. Yet I had never been to a winery before, and on my first visit, I was a little intimidated about the idea. Although I've smoked cigars for years, two a month the doc says is just fine, wines and those who produce them, often have a reputation for snobbery. Honestly I do not understand how this is the case, although there are some cigar smokers, who sneer at you if you dare to fire up a certain brand. Apparently, their cigar must smell like roses, and they are so ashamed that you did not use a Davidoff guillotine cutter instead of the store brand one. The horror!

Anyhow, Hillsborough Vineyards is a very friendly place. Family friendly as well, as the Baki family is very kind, and the staff do not have any snobbery in their blood at all. They are the opposite, in fact I felt at home, as soon as I stepped foot on their beautiful property. Truly gorgeous, I was thrilled by the views of the mountains, the grapes growing, and learning a bit about wine. Most of my experience has been with beer, so this was new territory, yet a visit here spurred my interest. The tasting room on site is a great place, unintimidating completely, to learn about wines in a friendly environment. All of the staff were kind, and although I would be laughed at if I wore my t-shirt that looks like a tuxedo, I was wearing slacks and a casual t-shirt. The groups of people on site were having a fine time, there were cheeses to try, along with my now loved Red Onyx wine. They have a variety of reds and whites, and the medals and awards simply say, this is quality over quantity. Everyone who has tried their wines, has spoken glowingly about them, and I am going for the Bloodstone batch the next visit. If you can get to their vineyard, that is the best, but if you go to, you can find out stores that sell their products.

Here is a picture I took of Hillsborough Vineyards. As a picture can "speak volumes", this family and their love of people and their wines, is remarkable in the beautiful part of Loudoun County, Virginia where you can spend a day here. This would have been the perfect spot, for Al Pacino and Robert Deniro to have that "coin flip" discussion in the movie Heat. It would have been a classier venue, and the accomodations are much more comfortable. On May 27th 2012 the Baki Family has been kind enough to have Epilepsy Awareness Day. This is going to be an incredible event. So many families not only in the D.C area, but around the world, have been affected by this condition. 2/3rds of epilepsy causes are undetermined, four percent of the population has this, and only 1/2 of 1% of U.S. medical research is devoted to this. If you want to meet a hero, there will be plenty of Epilepsy Warriors, who come from all walks of life, and are the very essence of being champions in their communities. They have given so much, and many of the new folks being diagnosed with epilepsy and the seizures resulting from it, are none other than soldiers returning from combat zones.

Many have been lost to seizures. The Epilepsy Foundation's slogan is "Not Another Moment Lost to Seizures." For my son Tommy, it is too late. He is with God, along with so many other children, that have given all they had, yet their legacy goes on. There have been so many tears on this journey, for families who have a loved one, whether its a parent, brother, or a son or daughter. If you are able to attend this event, you will meet epilepsy warriors, whom will inspire you. This Epilepsy Awareness Day is going to be informative, fun, and also a family friendly event that's going to be full of love. With thanks to the kindness of the Baki's and Hillsborough Vineyards, it is an honor to be amongst my heroes. Its a privilege, to be around those who refuse to waver, and instead go down the road less taken, to find a cure for seizures. May 27th 2012 at 11 am-5 p.m., be there and raise a glass, and help defeat this menace with an outpouring of fine wine and lots of love.

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