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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Loving Family, the Joseph Gomoll Foundation, and Dierks Bentley: Help Defeat Seizures

There is no denying the sheer amount of people that contend with epilepsy. Some have a few a day, or a maybe once a month. Yet there are others whom have hundreds of them a day, and each person who deals with this condition, has a whole host of challenges, in addition to all of the other ones that we must navigate through on a daily basis. Epilepsy makes the sailing more difficult, but those who deal with it, are amazing individuals who are brave, and not willing to give up on a cure. Others have faced this condition in painful ways as well, as it is not only the person who has these seizures that suffers, but also those who love them. It is even more so, when it involves a child. To lose a child is the worst pain a parent can ever go through, and that is what brings us today, to the compassion and kindness of the Gomoll Family, parents Mike, Nory, and children Julia and Sam. They are here on Earth, while their son and brother Joey, has his wings in Heaven, missed by them, and who's lives were touched by this handsome young man. Go here and learn Joey's story, and help this family, lend a hand to those who still deal with seizures on a daily basis. They are enrolled in a contest that Dierks Bentley, a kind man and great country singer, is involved with about what "home" means to you. From watching this video, I have to say that their view of home is a beautiful one, but its up for you to decide what it means. Their pain is immense, but yet they refuse to give up, and while they are grieving, they have put this sadness to good use. They are giving back, helping others, and with heavy hearts as a family moving forward, to make sure that Joey's legacy continues on. That would be through a CD, that will raise money for this foundation, that helps epilepsy relate groups find a cure, which is what is needed. Joey's brother and sister are right, "love endures," and with each vote, that can further be the case at the site listed.

Please, go and watch this video. Be involved by voting for this, and by making this family's pain, at least eased a bit, knowing that we are behind them in every regard. Father Mike is so right, "the new normal," because while he and all of us for that matter cannot rewind time, it is what we do with pain, and how it is turned into love, that can be beautiful and help others. We each have only a certain amount of sand in our time on earth, it could be five years like Joey, or one hundred like George Burns. Yet, its not the matter of time that matters, rather it is what we accomplish in it, and how we continue the legacy of our children whom have fallen, or loved ones who have made an impact that does. Mom Nory, Dad Mike, Julia, and Sam, I am proud of you, as are so many more. You are proof of Gods love, and of the strength of the human spirit, that resilience that says "forward march," instead of retreating backwards. Years ago, General Patton's "I don't judge a person by how low they go, but how high they bounce back" could very much, describe the bravery that your family has shown.

Thank you for that. You have already inspired so many, and Joe's legacy lives on. You are helping countless people, not those across the United States, but around the globe. For those whom would like to vote, all of the information is at Let's make this happen, because while we cannot rewind this family's pain, we can assist them in getting through, not over this, along with helping those whom contend with epilepsy. This is a very touching video, and I am not ashamed to admit to it leading to tears, but also generating a further level of resolve, to continue to fight for a  cure. This family is going down a painful path, but they are taking the right direction with their feet, but more importantly their hearts. God bless you all, and to all who would like to be a part of their love, go to, and spread, spread, spread!

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