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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Angel Quilt Project-Help Parents on The Rollercoaster of Agony(Angelman Syndrome)

Its so painful to lose a child. Most of us will never have to go through this ordeal, but a few of us will. This could include a young lady just being born right now, a high school boy playing a game of basketball, or a mother and father who are taking their child with Angelman Syndrome to the bus stop for school. Growing up, I had no idea that my son Tommy would be diagnosed with that condition, and his passing came as a complete shock, as it was from a seizure that not only stopped his heart, but the hearts of all whom loved him. The pain is immense, and from a personal perspective, I not only felt pain about losing my boy, but also for my wife, parents, mother-in law, uncles, aunts, friends, people who worked with Tommy that not only included teachers, therapists, bus drivers, and so many more. He had a bigger family than we ever thought of, and his funeral service was amazing. Here was a young boy who never said a word, inspiring so many, and by the grace of God he walked tall the last week of his life here on Earth.

Right now parents are in grief. They miss their children. Angelman parents are an amazing group of people, and to get a diagnosis of this condition(partial deletion of chromosome 15) hurts a lot. A lot of dreams are thrown out the window, yet new ones emerge. For more information about Angelman Syndrome, I cannot recommend enough visiting (The Angelman Syndrome Foundation), or (Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics). Yet it is a double dip of pain, even more worse is the loss of an angel, as these kids are known, to an accident or a seizure. True people die every day, but when it involves a cherished child, its a thousand times over. Its as if you have died yourself, and the road of grief never ends ever. Yet it can be eased. There can be less bumps, even as the tears come flying at a rate unprecedented, and your body pushed to the limits, as you ride a cascading roller coaster of agony. Please go to this facebook endeavor, called "The Angel Quilt Project." Its love through quilting, and families around the world, who have lost a child with Angelman Syndrome, will receive a quilt with their beloved child, surrounded by angels whom are on Earth, who haven't gained their wings yet. One day, God willing all of us shall, but until then, the least we can do is show these parents that they aren't alone, that there are others who love them, and this is faith in action. Angelman parents are making these quilts, and then delivering them to these parents. If there was a musical equivalent, go see Darius Rucker's, pictured above, "Music from the Heart" video. Its on youtube and all sites on the net, just google it, and watch him perform with children and young adult from Vanderbilt's Kennedy Center. Proceeds from these quilts, also help this Center's Angelman Seizure Research Project. You are not only helping a family in grief, you could very much so be preventing another, from experiencing such pain, such anguish, and a lonely road that no one should have to go down on. You'll be doing your good turn, by even liking the Angel Quilt Project.

How do you do that? Go to, and click "like" on that page. Look at it, and see what loving quilts have already been designed and delivered. See and feel the compassion there, as it is kindness in every regard. If you make a $10 donation, you are helping with one of the patches on the quilts, or if you are able to, just spreading the word about this cause is more than helpful. All of us are going to die, that is unquestionable. Yet what do you want to do with your life, is the key question that needs to be answered. A lot of these people who are receiving quilts right now are in profound pain. A young lady being born right now, a high school boy trying for that three point shot, a mom or dad with their kid looking at their yellow bus that's taking their angel to learn new skills. These people need your help. You may not know them, but they are out there. This effort is able to help people suffering now, and might just be one of the keys to preventing others from similar misery. Do your part with the, and experience love and bring it to those whom need a lot of it right now.

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