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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Boulder Resort in the Poconos, PA Feb 24-26 2012: Suck Feizures Trip

Suck Feizures. Yes, that name is harsh, but for those who have lost a child to seizures, watch their little girl or boy go through hundreds of them a day, or contend with them on a daily basis, that's not too strong at all. In fact, it might be too kind. Yet those who deal with epilepsy directly, which all whom love someone or have this condition do, deserve nothing more than to find that cure that we all know is possible. Look at how quickly technology, social media, and medicine are coming together right here, and right now. It is meant to happen, and in order for that day when we can all pop the champagne, and fire up those high quality cigars, we must first organize even further. That's right, just like combat, although this one is of love, its time to put some boots on the ground.

February 24-26th 2012 that shall be happening, at Big Boulder Resort in the Poconos area of Pennsylvania. They have been kind enough to help the facebook group "Suck Feizures," that supports each other while also funding research against seizures, get out and about on their beautiful slopes. 3% of the world's population deals with seizures, and one in ten of us will have one in our lifetime. That's a lot of people, and sitting by idly waiting for a handout, is not in the best interest of those with those medical condition, and is certainly not the attitude of Suck Feizures. Instead it is one of determination, of love, and an unyielding resolve to make the next generation never have to face the pain of epilepsy. Its time for that word to be put in the history books, and God willing it shall be, as we do not give up, ever. Big Boulder Resort has been more than helpful in getting a lot of folks together, many whom are severely disabled with conditions that have epilepsy as a component, and making this event possible. It is with profound gratitude and thanks, that several hundred people, many of whom haven't taken a vacation for years, and want to meet others on the same path, shall be able to enjoy such fellowship on the slopes this weekend.

Are you going to be a Big Boulder Resort in Lake Harmony, PA this weekend? Rock the purple, by wearing a hat, jacket, or perhaps a scarf of that color. That will let so many, whom have never given up, even as milestones and multiple hospitalizations have been required, know that you stand with them. The Suck Feizures Group will be staying at the Comfort Inn, at White Haven, PA, which has also been helpul, and celebrating at the Big Boulder Tavern on Saturday night. On Friday night, we shall have a "meet and greet" ice cream social, with children and family friendly events, all generations are a part of this weekend, that will bring a lot of loving souls together, who shall see that they are not alone, they have family that they never knew they had, and that together we shall through all of the tears, also have some smiles along with the hope that we are doing the right thing. Thanks to all in Suck Feizures, whom are making these activities, including a free raffle possible, and for the kind folks at Big Boulder Resort for starting the first of an annual event. Let's go rock the purple!!!!

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