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Saturday, August 13, 2011

FAST Needs Support in the Vivint Gives Back Contest-A Lesson from the Colonists

Several years ago, I was in London. That is one beautiful city, full of kind folks, and so much history that I barely slept during the visit. Plus, the fish and chips, along with the pints of beer were of course enjoyed, much to the chagrin of my liver and cholesterol levels. During one stop at a bookstore in town, I busted out laughing. As you can imagine, I was the very definition of a boorish American, not appreciating the nuances of subtlety. An employee approached me, and had to laugh as well, as it was a book on the Revolutionary War. In the print, it read "King George in his royal wisdom, decided to let the colonists have their own country."

The Revolutionary War was full of blood, although not nearly as much letting was done as the American Civil War to come down the pipeline. There were lots of colonists, people of influence even, whom thought they had no chance against the British Empire, with its well trained and equipped soldiers, and sphere of influence around the globe. One of these, whom tried to sell his soul to the devil, no offense to my British friends and aunt who's a citizen there, was none other than Benedict Arnold. He is the very definition of a traitor, and his name is used to this day, to describe anyone whom turns against a cause, or uses unprofessional tactics to achieve victory.

Yet the Colonists, even with shortages of food, water, people, and smallpox epidemics won the Revolutionary War. Take that Joseph Sewall :). The Americans gained their own country, against all odds, which if Vegas existed back then wouldn't be one you'd throw money around on in the wager column. The Angelman Community, which of course is international, is an army of sorts. Yet this one is of loving people, whom believe that a cure for Angelman Syndrome is a possibility. Dr. Edwin Weeber has already found a cure for mice, would you like to go to the tables in Sin City and vote against the concept? I wouldn't, and that is why so many are supporting FAST in Vivint's Gives Back Contest on Facebook. Just like any contest, there are some that like underhanded tactics, but they shall not prevail.

What will, is the good people of the Angelman Community. Honesty and righteousness of cause, is what shall bring FAST much needed funds, from a company that is kind enough to help those who are on the cusp of achieving a "scientific shot heard round the world.". FAST, Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics, is chaired by an all volunteer staff, parents of those with this condition, that know the meaning of compassion along with high ethical standards. It is time for a cure for Angelman Syndrome. That is why we must stay the course, as George Washington pictured here, did during times of immense pressure. If a group of "pathetic bandits" as the Americans were then called by King George, can succeed, than so can FAST in this contest with love, determination, and voting everyday.

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