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Monday, August 15, 2011

FAST must win the Vivint Gives Back Contest: Save the Angels

There is nothing in the world, that compares to getting the hug from an angel. If you want to spiritually feel closer to God, find a child with Angelman Syndrome, and get a hug from them. Right now boys and girls, young men and women, and their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and loving school and church communities are counting on you. They want to see their Angels find a cure, which is a reality, as proven by the phenomenal work of Dr. Weeber. He has managed to give a mouse Angelman Syndrome (deletion of chromosome 15), and to cure it. That is breathtaking work, and all that is needed is your help, to make that mouse be a boy or girl cured of this condition forever. God willing, they will be able to walk better, talk, tell their mom's and dad's "I love you," of which so many have been waiting for years to hear. Do you take those words for granted? You would not if you are an angel parent, whom loves your child, regardless of their ability to say these words, but rather to marvel at their compassion, their love of everyone, and their steadfastness in never giving up.

It will not cost you a cent, to make a difference, as the Vivint Company has been kind enough to have a contest. If you log onto Facebook, and vote for FAST(Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics), you are helping a much deserving youngster and their parents, get that much closer to a cure. You might end up with sore fingers from typing, but considering it only takes a couple of seconds each day, that's less likely than a paper cut from your letter opener. For some angel families its too late. There are quite a few that have lost their angels to seizures and accidents. Sadly, as we all know time can not be rewinded like a DVD, but a cure would guarantee this from no longer being the case, and could save a parent or young one from a tragedy that is beyond comprehension.

Please vote for FAST on Vivint's Gives Back on Facebook. This security systems company has been generous in helping much deserving charities, but FAST has the ability to save lives with a cure for Angelman Syndrome. There will be no rushing to ICU's, no induced coma's, no loss of life and seeing a child go to God far too early. Instead, there will be joy. Parents everywhere will be able to hear those words, they have been waiting for. That's right, "I love you." Angels will be able to communicate better, make themselves understood, and a lot of champagne will be popped on the day this great discovery is made. So please, let a parent hear "I love You" along with that hug. Show your love, by voting for FAST in the Vivint Gives Back contest. There are so many waiting for those words, and a cure for Angelman Syndrome would be a Godsend folks around the world.


  1. There is nothing in the world, that compares to getting the hug from an angel.

    So, so true.

  2. Yes, everyone should experience an angel hug, that hasn't yet. It might just change their life, and in a positive way as well :)