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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thank you WINC 92.5 FM and Robert Allen: Shenandoah Valley of VA to D.C.

As a guy who's stuck in a car for long hours of time, I've always been happy to crank up Winc 92.5 FM. While the station's based in Winchester, a long haul from the confides of the Washington D.C. area, their frequencies strength has no problems whatsover in allowing me to tap my toes to their music. The past few months I have been in contact with Robert Allen, their News Affairs Director, and he's a kind man, whom one day I hope to thank in person. From his pictures, you can tell he's a lot of fun, and we shared quite a few laughs on the phone. This was due to the distance to the studio from where I live, and he showed an immediate interest in doing a show on Angelman Syndrome. He interviewed me over the phone about this subject, saved me a tank of gas, and is directly responsible for making this endeavor possible.

I am grateful for his efforts, as he is going to play this interview this weekend and next on Winc 92.5 FM, as well as two other stations in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. There are hundreds of Angelman families in the Virginia/D.C. area, and perhaps there are a few folks whom might get a diagnosis, or more information from this. While I may have not did a perfect job, I did do my best to get as many plugs in as possible for the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, what this condition entails, and how it affects families. It was a much more calming environment from the confines of my backyard rather than a studio this time, and Robert's professionalism and decency, made it go so smoothly. It means a lot to have folks like him willing to keep their word, and to allow a simple man an opportunity to generate awareness about Angelman Syndrome, and the foundation that has been a rock of support in good times and bad.

Thank you Winc FM 92.5 for being a friend to the Angelman Community. The same goes to Robert, who has helped out immensely, and is making sure that it gets a lot of air time. While we do not have the cure yet for Angelman Syndrome, or the seizures, progress is being made on a variety of fronts. With each person who hears about what it is, brings an increase in the chances of this dream becoming a reality. May that happen for those with Angelman Syndrome and their families, along with those who are trying to find a cure for conditions such as CDKL5, Rett Syndrome, Mowat Wilson Syndrome, and other genetic disorders that are becoming much more part of our lexicon than they were in the past. God bless the folks such as Robert at Winc, who have helped in more ways than can be expressed here, because we must do all we can to achieve success in cures and therapies that will help all with conditions that affect their quality of life.

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