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Friday, July 1, 2011

Linium's Kindess to Helping out the Angelman Syndrome Foundation is Greatly Appreciated

Linium is a business that I do not understand, as I'll admit to being a caveman with regards to technology. Their IT solutions are no doubt impressive, because as I read what they do, I realized quickly how "over my head" they are with their business accumen. Their technolgical knowledge is so helpful for businesses, and along with that, their big hearts have touched so many. Linium is sponsoring an Angelman Syndrome Foundation fundraiser, for one of their employees Joe, along with his son Carson. Their love in "plain english" is obvious, even as their IT codes and terms leave me greatly befuddled. Thank you Linium for being involved in a good cause, and showing what a fine business does, in being part of a community that is grateful for your assistance.

The family's fundraiser is going to be in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania on July 9th of this year. It is going to involve a ride through the beautiful countryside, and help generate awareness of Angelman Syndrome, along with helping folks like Carson get extra opportunities and a better chance at a cure.  This worthwhile event is going to be held at the Honey Brook Lions Club, and if you want an angel hug, there's a good chance that will be in the cards for you. The Poker Run is sure to be entertaining, but if you cannot make it, you can help in other ways. A donation to ASF HB Angels at 409 Cupola Road Honey Brook, PA 19344 would be a fine way of helping this noble cause. Let's get Carson and all angels the cure that they so richly deserve, and get other folks to know about Angelman Syndrome, and have the same passion and zeal that so many already have.

Thanks to Carson's family, along with Linium, this event can proceed with gusto. May the weather be beautiful, with plenty of sunshine, and comfortable weather. If you want to learn more of what Linium does, feel free to check out their webpage at I am very thankful that they have decided to help the Angelman Community, which is much larger than the one in fifteen thousand births number. When you add up all of the angels, those whom love them, along with who the angels have inspired, that is quite a crowd. God bless the kindness and decency of Linium and its employees, and go Carson go!!

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  1. Wow, what a generous company. I am very impressed.