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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Signs of Purpose: Help Vanderbilt University's Kennedy Center Seizure Project

By all means, feel free to check out This is where you can order "Suck Feizures" stickers, that both look cool, are of high quality, and are made of love from proprietor Bridget. I have ordered two small ones, and a huge one, and am quite satisfied with them. What makes me even more happy, is Bridget's kindness in donating proceeds from these orders to Vanderbilt University's Kennedy Center's Angelman Seizure Project. At this moment there are kids with Angelman Syndrome and other conditions going through excruciating seizures, that affect their cognitive abilities, and are causing their parents a lot of stress. As a father who lost a child to this menace, I am proud of Bridget for creating a high quality product, that goes to help out the researchers at Vanderbilt, who are working around the clock to find medicinal combinations that guarantee that another parent will not watch their child go to God far too early, and eventually lead to a cure.

Suck Feizures is a bit harsh, there's no doubt, but its a phrase born out of anger towards seizures, yet with love and a determination to see them destroyed. For those whom do not like this phrase, there are ones that simply say "SF", and they will look cool on the back of your car, or anywhere else for that matter. You can order with confidence with It is safe, and you are in addition to getting excellent products, making sure that parents around the world know you are united with them. You are also showing children and adults with epilepsy, that you understand their pain, and want to see them seizure free. That means a lot to so many, and the day that I see a "SF" sticker going down the road, I'm going to smile and have a tear out of my eyes at the same time.

Wouldn't you like to be a part of something that special? By ordering from Signs of Purpose you are helping those most at need, children across the globe that are waiting for a day, when seizures won't be a part of their hourly experiences. Yes, there are children who have hundreds of seizures a day. Their suffering cannot be properly expressed in words, but put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Or if your child was going through these, how would you feel? I can tell you firsthand it is heartbreaking and so frustrating, not being able to help your little one, who's seizing up for hours on end. Its even more painful to find your child unresponsive in their bed, and having to do CPR to no avail, while waiting for the paramedics to arrive at your house.

That is why I implore you with every ounce of my passion, to just check out I hope you will like Bridget's products, and will order them, as I and so many others have. Stunning research is occuring right now, but until a cure is in place, parents are going to continue to worry, "is this the day?" Children with seizures are going to lose their gains they've worked so hard on, such as learning to walk, or skills that have sometimes taken years. Seizures are pure evil, and in order to defeat them, we must use love to help the folks at Vanderbilt's Kennedy Center find the solution. Their team is top notch, and while seriously underfunded, they have already made progress. Now it is time to deliver them the means to cross the finish line, and allow parents and children alike to rejoice in knowing that seizures have been crushed forever, rather than the dreams of so many.

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