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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Patriots Tattoo in Fairfax, VA: Thanks to Artist Ty and the Ink That is Proof of Forever

This past week I finally got the tattoo, that I had thought about getting for some time. My son Tommy, age five, passed away from an Angelman Syndrome related seizure in November of 2009. The journey has been so full of differing emotions, ranging from a kick to the gut, to more compassion for other people. There have been sharp twists and turns, sleepless nights, questions of faith, and anger along with hostility that I wouldn't wish upon anyone. Yet the anger subsided, the hostility dissipated, and I am resigned that there's so much beyond my control. I am no longer angry at God, but I do intend on until my very last breath upon this Earth, fighting seizures until we have a cure.

There are so many people that have to contend with seizures.Its not just those with Angelman's, as those with Rett Syndrome and other conditions have to as well. Regardless of the cause of epilepsy, they must be stopped. The pain of watching a loved one writhing on the floor, gagging for breath, or ultimately dying from these terrible things has got to be stopped. It does not matter what the pigment of your skin is, your religion, or anything else, as seizures do not care. Nor should we, except when it comes to having love for those who fight these, and supporting those who regularly support someone with them. As I sat in the tattoo chair at Patriots in Fairfax, VA, I thought a lot about what getting this ink on my right bicep meant. Its in a spot that you cannot miss, and anyone who asks me about it, I tell them Tommy's story, about meeting Brother Bill who reminded me of the sanctity of resillience, and the journey of faith that has taken place.

Ty is a wonderful artist, who's kindness was greatly appreciated. He is now aware of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, and I cannot recommend him enough. A very nice person, who did a fine job in making sure that the angel on my arm would be a testament of things that have happened, and a future that will be without seizures. A parent's love is forever, and even though I know Tommy is with God, this tattoo is a reminder of the life lesson's he taught me are. I often see a boy who looks like him, and just cannot stop crying. Yet at the same time, I am reminded that he made me a better person than I was. Am I perfect? Nope, but I do have a lot more patience and kindness than before. We are still a work in progress, and much like this tattoo, I hope to be able to make enough of a difference, that my time on Earth remaining shall bear fruit towards ending seizures forever.

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