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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Maryland Recreation and Parks Association: Tommy Ross Memorial Fund

A few days ago, I had the distinctive honor, of seeing my father celebrate his retirement, and do something that's going to continue his long legacy of helping others. He could have received all kinds of gifts after retiring from the Maryland Recreation and Parks Association, but decided to present this gift, to people who will benefit from this unselfish generosity. That would be the Tommy Ross Memorial Fund, that's set up through this organization, and it is going to help people with special needs, get extra opportunities that may have not been previously available for them. Parents of those with special needs know of the great expense, that already comes out of their pockets, to care for their beloved child. Now, they might have a chance to see their son or daughter, get to participate in recreational opportunities, that will most certainly put a smile on faces all the way around.

Its hard to believe its about a year and a half since my son Tommy, who's named after my father, passed away from a seizure related to his Angelman Syndrome condition. Our whole family misses him dearly, and yet while there is pain, there's also a reminder of what is really important in life. Tommy taught us a lot, and his most important lessons, were service above self, and to laugh and smile as much as possible. My father gave a beautiful presentation showing pictures of Tommy, a lot of them participating in a recreational activity, such as swimming. The crowd of several hundred folks, got to see that smile, which is more than enough proof of the importance of "parks and rec". Although parks today are more inclusive than ever, such as Clementjori Park in Mclean, VA, there's still much to be done to guarantee that people of all abilities will be able to enjoy them.

I would like to thank my father, mother, brother, aunt, and all of those whom made a donation to the Tommy Ross Memorial Fund. A lot of kind folks at MRPA have donated to this worthy cause, and I wish that I could somehow adequately express what it means. There is a way that you will see this, as while I do thank you and tip my hat to you, its going to be when you see a youth with special needs get to participate in an activity. That's going to be pure proof of what your generosity means. God bless you all, and to my father, congrats on retiring. Now you can dress funny, and fit in on the golf course :). For more information, be sure to check out the MRPA at


  1. What an incredible gift and legacy for Tommy and your Dad! So happy for you!

  2. Stephanie,

    Appreciate your support and kindness on this journey. It was an amazing event, and you are correct-legacy. Tommy's life was far too short, yet it means a lot that these kind folks are helping children with special needs, participate in recreational opportunities. That is it right there :)