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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Darius Rucker-CMA's-Vanderbilt University Kennedy Center "Music From the Heart"

Darius Rucker has a lot of talent, that has never been questioned. From his days with Hootie and the Blowfish to his solo career, there's no denying that his voice is incredible, and his song writing talents are nothing short of astonishing. Yet the other night, at the Country Music Awards, he "outdid himself". He sang a song called "Music From the Heart", along with folks who have special needs, that have been a part of Vanderbilt University's Kennedy Center. You can catch it on youtube or any other site by entering in those keywords, and it will blow you away. I was deeply moved by Darius's passion, and just the amount of love that was on that stage, and in the audience of the crowd watching this performance.

Vanderbilt's Kennedy Center Angelman Project is where the cure for seizures, is going to take place. So that angels, and all of those with special needs who suffer from seizures, will not have to worry about them anymore. They will be able to be a part of music, which as all people who know those with Angelman Syndrome do, music is something that needs no translation. My son Tommy is with God now, due to a seizure, but I'll never forget how his eyes lit up, and a smile went across his face, when I would turn up the stereo speakers in the car. He would just have this shine about him, and it didn't matter what genre of music it was, he'd just have such a grin on his face that made the day's worries just slip away.

I would like to personally thank Darius Rucker, and the performers from Vanderbilt's Kennedy Center, who helped him sing "Music From the Heart." There were tears watching this performance, but they were happy ones. It meant so much, and just to see the love that was on that stage, is proof of a loving God. If you haven't seen this, by all means, just take a few minutes of your time to witness this momentous occasion. Its something you'll never forget, and it is a testament to the fine work being done by Vanderbilt's Kennedy Center. Their work towards helping those with special needs succeed is incredible, and I am especially thankful to the Angelman Seizure Team. They are doing everything humanly possible to find a cure, and have given so much love to finding one. God bless them for their kindness, beccause their work in finding this cure, is music to my heart, along with the heartbeats of so many.


  1. Great job Darius!

    Jason Bernstein
    Angelman Syndrome Family

  2. Jason,

    Absolutely. He batted 1000 this evening-perfect!!! :)