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Thursday, November 29, 2012

WCAX in Burlington VT: Lump of Coal in Your Stockings

WCAX in Burlington VT is an affiliate of CBS News, and is run by the Martin Family. They have done numerous stories on children with disabilities, and yet they deserve a stocking full of coal this Christmas season. True they can pick what stories they want to cover, as its common knowledge that they depend on a combination of ratings and advertising revenue. Yet a young lady in their viewing area needs their help, and their News Director has a child with Rett Syndrome. He has my sympathy, but he has far to garner my respect, as if his daughter had metal rods protruding out of her back, causing her to scream at all hours of the day and night, then he certainly would be doing everything in his power to put her into a broadcast. Yet he has failed to do the same for Lisa Anne Weaver, who has tirelessly been trying to get help for her daughter Ashley. There may or may not be folks above him, who have said no, but I have the feeling that he's not willing to throw his weight around. The same can be said for the Martin family, who refuses to answer my kind emails, but I'm happy to report the folks at White River Toyota in Vermont and others who advertise with this station are.

They are most displeased, with the fact that the channel has wrote Lisa Anne a letter, that they can't do "too many human interest stories." Really? Isn't that what we are supposed to be covering, our fellow human beings, including a young lady who spends all day and all night screaming? How about her Mom, a single mother who does everything from working full time, while going to school, to give her daughter an even better chance at an improved life? She has spent hours with specialists in the field, to help her daughter's suffering, and her resilience is nothing short of amazing. Yet what is sad, is that WCAX in Burlington, VA has a show called :the 30, where they have had stories about Down Syndrome, and other conditions. Yet they say again "we can't." Really?

I find WCAX's lack of empathy disturbing, especially considering their news director has a daughter with Rett Syndrome. Therefore, I will like Lisa Anne not rest until her story is aired, and I'm hoping a few folks out there who "are willing to do a good turn" will voice their displeasure on WCAX's facebook wall at This life hands us all a lot of challenges, and its up to us to stand up for what is right, or cave in and just let things occur at a standstill if we are weak. Yet I believe in the human spirit, that quest to never give up, and most of all I trust Lisa Anne, who is an angel in every sense of the word. Her daughter's seizures, pain, have been heard, and now action is required.

You are not being asked to move "the heavens and mountains." Instead, all I'm asking is your help, in letting WCAX in Burlington, VT, that you believe that Ashley's pain has been heard. If you can kindly suggest, that they cover her story, it would be the best Christmas gift you could give a young lady who's in pain that few of us could ever comprehend. It would give her mom some peace during this holiday season. She has written on this blog before, and her piece on Rett Syndrome moved me to tears, and I am frankly inspired by her courage. She is a single mom that does not give up, does not yield, and by God we must all do the same. This is a time that we toss labels aside, such as what a condition is, and back her up. She is working hard with Children's Hospital and other specialists to alleviate her daughter's suffering, let's do the same for her with regards to WCAX. Its not only the right thing to do, its a good turn that all of us can be involved in, and generate not only awareness, but show that we as human beings are capable of doing great things that are relevant to people across the world.

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