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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Your Telephone and the Lunar Landings: One Bold Step for Mankind

Look down at the phone in your hands. Its probably a "smart phone," and the name is appropriate. You can do everything from making a call, to finding directions with its GPS, or using Skype to talk to someone overseas with it via video. Back in the day, I'll never forget how people marveled over those large cell phones, that often needed a bag with an antenna attached to them. Yes, I'm getting old, and that's alright, but the wonders of technology never stop becoming amazing. Its almost like going back to your childhood in some regards, as the space shuttle program used to have me marvel with wonder. Often this led to distractions in school, or even sadness, the day that the Challenger met disaster in Florida. Her seven brave souls were lost forever, but etched in our hearts and nations consciousness.

Often I ask people who were around for it, what it was like to witness the moon landing. Yes, I've read books upon the subject, or watched youtube videos, but there's nothing like hearing it from the real source. It is amazing, to hear folks talk about what it was like, the anticipation of the Eagle touching down on the lunar surface. The odds of the astronauts, although not public knowledge at the time, was around a 50/50 proposition. They had some parameters to work with, but in many ways, they were like a naval aviator in war flying onto a dark aircraft carrier. A young man with Angelman Syndrome has walked today. Its such a joy, in many respects its just like those first bold steps of Neil Armstrong, to hear of this major accomplishment. Against all odds, yet with faith and a loving family, this champion showed exactly how its done. He took that "bold step," and may he take many, many more.

Right now Dr. Weeber at the University of Tampa, and Dr. Philpot of the University of North Carolina are working for a cure, with regards to Angelman Syndrome. It is the hope and prayer of so many parents, along with the hard work that FAST and the ASF are accomplishing, that leads us to a better chance than ever for that goal. The smart phone in your hand, has more power technologically, than any of the lunar landing craft had on the Moon. Heck, perhaps your toaster oven in the kitchen does. Look down at the phone, up at the skies with thanks to Divine Providence, and realize, how far we have come. In honor of this young man, may there be bold steps towards a cure, and children with Angelman Syndrome having much better footing. Walking forward, small steps there have been, and now the possibilities for bigger ones are taking place. With much love to all families across the globe contending with AS, the time is now. To the young man who took these steps, I hope to get the honor of seeing you do this, because it is not 1969. Its 2012, and on to a cure.

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