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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Today I Won't Be at Church

Today I won't be at church. That's okay, as you can worship anywhere on this planet, and one of the most spiritual places is the ocean. While I have to admit I wish there was time, and some pestering medical conditions right now would allow for such a trek, I am ultimately satisfied by going to the Chesapeake Bay. Its really not a consolation prize, but rather going to Sandy Point Park, will be a chance for reflection. I'll be showing my son a salt water environment for the first time. At the same time, it will be a place that I took Tommy, and that he loved very much. Whether he played in the sand, or was in the water, it was always a happy time to go here. I think today bodes well on the "Smile-O-Meter," and there is something so deeply felt by those waves crashing.

Until recently, I had no idea that this State Park, was where on the East Coast, the most shark teeth were found. That's comforting. It is with no trepidation however, because this estuary is a breeding ground for these fascinating creatures, my son's nickname is "Sharky", and the ones here are generally too small to be harmful to human beings. Also, our family follows a common sense rule. Don't swim at night! That's when the vast majority of "shark bites" happen, and its because its their feeding time, and you are in their house. While I don't want to meet any sand sharks or other species that roam this area, I wouldn't mind seeing one of my favorite horseshoe crabs. For whatever reason, I find them to be fascinating, and they are a reminder of how old this planet is. They are true living fossils, as they have not evolved as other creatures have, and seeing them is just a simple pleasure.

The only part I dread about going here, is if Route 50 or the Beltway will be loaded with traffic. Even on Sundays, it can look like a modern day parking lot, that has 55 mph signs on the side of it. There's also a place, where if you aren't expecting it, little airplanes go flying right above your car. The first time this happened I about jumped out of the seat driving, although on later trips I saw the signs that warned of "Airport: Caution-Low Overflying Aircraft". Coffee perhaps? It will be fun to take my boy out on the same shores that Tommy visited, and there might be some tears. That is fine, and its also a reminder of how my father used to carry me, on his shoulders here while he was stung by jellyfish. I'm hoping they are not venturing anywhere in the area today, because they are the ocean's cockroach, or God's joke of an animal. Yet they do serve a purpose, and I'm hoping today will have many lessons.

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