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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Day with Tommy:Simple Joys of a Man Who Gets It

I have a bad habit of forgetting people's name. Have you ever just met somebody, had a wonderful conversation with them, and are "uh?" Sometimes names are important, but what really matters is a persons character. Their heart and kindness, and I'll never forget the decent gentleman who helped Tommy out with his AFO's.(Orthopedic devices) Soon I plan on visiting him, and it is going to be painful, since I last saw him about a week prior to Tommy's passing in 2009. Yet I feel compelled to thank him, for two fun visits, that made Tommy laugh and smile like none other. A trip to this gentleman's office, I learned on the first time, is where he went to college, and wanted to help out veterans returning from the Vietnam War. He was able to build prosthetic and other devices, and figured this was one way that he could serve. This he certainly has done for twenty plus years, and you can see the passion in his eyes.

Upon hearing that Tommy needed AFO's to help him walk, was not an easy pill to swallow. Nor was that he was going to need a wheelchair, but this man helped both of us. A trip to his office in Fairfax, VA revealed a small place, almost humble in its decor with small tables, some chairs, and a couple magazines from months past. He came out of his office, greeted Tommy and I, as we walked back to where he made the AFO's. These are done with applying a plaster type of putty, is how I can best describe it, and Tommy just absolutely enjoyed every moment. He laughed and smiled, as his feet were in the water. This kind man gave Tommy so much attention, and treated him with so much dignity. He made sure that Tommy's designs were ready to be built, and also joined in with Tommy having fun.

A week prior to Tommy's departure, I picked him up from school. He walked with me assisted out of those front doors, and was able to get across the entire parking lot. I think it was a good workout for him, but he just kept trudging along. Tommy was a soldier, and kept walking, even though each step was certainly not easy. After buckling him in my car, and playing music for him, I could see him in the rear view mirror bouncing around. We visited the same place, and once again, Tommy and I met this gentleman. Tommy had so much fun, loving the attention provided to him, and having his feet dunked in the water again. It certainly was not an easy task, to have him properly fitted, as Tommy's legs were all over the place. Yet this man's patience, he didn't complain one bit, and was actually able to get Porky to stop moving for a few to guarantee the perfect fit.

Sadly, Tommy never got these AFO's. I had to make the call to cancel them, and it wasn't easy. The staff was understanding, but I feel compelled to thank him. This warm person with a big heart, was doing his job. Yet he went beyond that, by showering Tommy with love, and making sure everything would fit so he would have the best possible opportunity. Those steps are going on in Heaven right now, and I am left with the memories of Tommy, and what these two visits to this office meant. On the surface its not much, but what it is, represents the kindness of a man who dedicated his life to his profession with passion, along with a day of being plastered up and having fun with water. Its these simple joys that provide a smile, and are a reminder of people to be thankful for, during times of infinite sadness. There are tears yes, but there is also a grin. I certainly intend on getting his name, and remembering it too.

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