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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rocking the Purple: Suck Feizures Ski's 2012

Suck Feizures might sound harsh. Its meant to be. This facebook group, has folks with seizures, people who love someone with them, or has lost a loved one to seizures. It was created December 25, 2010 and has provided help and support to various epilepsy causes, both through awareness, and in generating funds for research. It has had a lot of amazing moments, and so much has been learned, that is hard to place a big star next to one event over the other. Yet this is the year, that we get together and ski. Feb 24-26 2012 is going to be both fun, and a period of reflection at Big Boulder Ski Resort.

"Epilepsy Awareness Weekend" it is, as the resort has been very kind, to help us make this possible. They are going to offer ski lessons, even adaptive ones if necessary, and two days of tubing, skiing, or boarding are going to be a lot of fun. It is a family friendly event, with ice cream socials, arts and crafts,free raffle, days out on the slopes, and of course an adult type of party at the Big Boulder Tavern on Saturday the 25th. Yup, the "red solo cup" from Toby Keith's song, are going to make their appearances. Designated drivers are already in place, so come one, come all, and show your spirit by wearing purple. That's right, the color of epilepsy awareness. It will not only be out at the slopes, but at the hotel, and the Big Boulder Tavern.

If you have any questions about this event, feel free to join "Suck Feizures", and although it might be too late to order the wonderful purple sweatshirts that a kind lady was able to make, its not too late to sign up for the trip. There are a few days left, to get a discount at the Comfort Inn right next to the resort in Whitehaven, PA, and this and the ridiculously low ski rates are due to Carmen, who understands the meaning of "rocking the purple." It is going to be a lot of fun, getting together, and seeing where this next adventure goes. This is about empowering those who have epilepsy or love someone with this condition, as 3% of the general population has this condition. Its time for it to go, and on the tops of the mountains in the Poconos, may that needle towards a cure move just a bit, and continue in that direction from there.

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