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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Suck Feizures-The Tommy Collection from "Angels On Earth"

"Suck Feizures," is a rather strong play on words. Some may consider it offensive, and I do humbly apologize if this bothers you. It is not my goal to discourage others from the fight for finding a cure to end seizures, nor is this expression contrived from anger of losing a son to this. God's plans are not always what we like, but my prayer is that the experience of my son's passing, will eventually lead to as Robert Frost so eloquently penned " a path less traveled." Many in the Angelman community, have felt anguish and heartbreak, feeling powerless as their son or daughter writhed in non-stop seizures, which can lead to despair. While God may be at the steering wheel, as parents we are responsible for our children's well being. So many families with angels have felt "hopeless" as their little one seized up, either at home or long duration stays at hospital intensive care units.

The developmental milestones of an angel, are further hampered by seizures. When my son Tommy was alive, he lost a lot of his accomplishments due to them. Many other families have seen great strides, that took years in the making, wiped out by these awful seizures. Some of us, have had our children die from them, which will suck your spirit into an abyss of pain that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. Anger is a double edged sword, yet the majority of this sword, is faced inwards. It hurts you more than anyone else, and instead of having your blood pressure rise with permanent effects to your physiological well being, let's look at "Suck Feizures" for a moment.

The "F" bomb is a strong word. Originally its of German origin, "friechen," which is to strike. That's what we should be doing, striking these seizures with the sword that David used against Goliath. This sword is not a weapon in a physical sense, but it does require commitment and a fighting spirit to reach our ultimate goal. I will never get to hug my son or see him smile upon Earth again. Many others are in the same boat, or as one parent has said "crappy road." It certainly is that, yet there's hope after tragedy. Vanderbilt University's Kennedy Center is working hard, to find a cure for seizures for folks with Angelman Syndrome. Their work may stop seizures from those affected by other conditions, and eventually make epilepsy a "tormentor of the past."

The link included at the top is to a store called "Angels on Earth." The shirt is controversial and an attention getter. There's no denying that. Yet, with the sale of each of these shirts from the Tommy Collection, money goes to Vanderbilt for research imperative for finding the breakthrough that is just around the corner. It will happen in our lifetimes. Each shirt you purchase, will bring attention to the anguish of many, and will go to a good cause. This is what you could call a "win win situation," and that's what it is all about. Let's strike these seizures now. Failure is not an option, and the easy path in life, is never the way to achieve any accomplishment of substance. So if you can, please order one of these shirts, and have an expression of how you feel on your back, along with helping out the folks at Vanderbilt strike seizures down forever.


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