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Thursday, September 6, 2012

To Bereaved Parents: You are Not Alone

Right now there are more people that have died throughout history, that live on the planet today. That's right, more than 7 billion folks, that currently occupy the little thing we call Earth. The world has become smaller, due to innovations such as the Internet, Facebook, and commercial flights that make what used to be unrealistic, a hop, skip, and a jump away. We live in amazing times, with medical and technological breakthroughs coming in at a dramatic pace. Yet there is a parent out there, right now, not only in the United States, but around our globe in pain. They have lost one of their children, and they think they are alone. Many parents who've been in this position, feel that sentiment. I felt that way when Tommy passed, that no one has ever gone through this. My wife, who is nothing but a saint, said it best when she said "What is the parent of a child who died supposed to look like?"

If you have gone through the passing of your beloved child recently, my heart is with you, as are a lot of folks who you'll get to know. God works in mysterious ways, and yes you'll be angry with the great spirit in the sky. There's no denying that, and although I have yet to be zapped by lightning, I think its more than okay to feel that way. You are not alone, as there are so many folks that have lost a child. How each person handles this, is unique, but the key is to accept that your life is going to be different, but it "doesn't necessarily have to suck." You won't get over it. You will get through it. That's the bottom line. Its going to be a road that leads to so many questions, and not many answers. Yet around you you will meet amazing people that will step up, and also there are so many of us, that with the inventions mentioned above, are with you every moment. While the child mortality rate has dropped with modern medicine thankfully, children are going to die. It could be anything from a car accident, cancer, seizures, or a host of ways.

There are support groups for the bereaved. These include folks such as Compassionate Friends. Here you can go, where people have gone down the same road, at least with having been preceded in death by their little one. There are of course other organizations, some are faith based, some are not, but the key is finding what fits for you. Compassionate Friends doesn't care if you are a believer or not, what your religion is, if you have one, any of those so called boxes. My experience with them isn't that extensive yet, but soon there will be an interview posted here. Do what helps you. The key is not to harm yourself or others, because if you are in that position, call for help. That used to have a stigma, but it does not anymore. Millions of people on Earth are with you. To those who are going through a recent loss, my heart is heavy for you, but I promise you, life is different but can be good again. Yes, there will always be tears. However, there will be smiles and lessons learned, and you shall get back in the saddle again.

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